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Good times are getting more and more every day. Because food is the medium of happiness. and the conversations we want to share Make your meal a good time at Hint Cafe & Eatery.

Sea – Bass fillet Pesto

This dish is good for the heart. and health with ingredients that help the digestive system It drives the wind well. The main ingredient of this sauce is Italian basil. Pounded with garlic, pine nuts and parmesan cheese Mixed with olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice, it creates a sauce with a unique aroma and flavor of basil. It gives a smooth texture when eaten with temperature-controlled fish. Soft texture.

Fettuccine Pork Hamburg
I want to introduce a new way of eating burgers that use Fettuccine flour instead of burger batter with mushroom cream sauce. It goes well with Japanese-style hamburgers to eat with. French Cream Truffle Sauce This brings together two styles of food that are both flavorful and creative.
Hamburg (pronounced hamburg in Japanese) It is Japanese style western food. Made from minced meat Mixed with chopped onion, egg, bread flour and seasonings. shape into a flat ball Then fry until cooked. Serving time with demi-glace sauce But our chef adapted the sauce to eat French food. Let’s prove this creativity together.
Meatballs pasta
It has to be spicy. Must be this dish. “Meatball Pasta” Pork Chili Garlic Tomato Sauce The chef’s rich sauce is perfect for those who don’t like cheese. But I want to eat spaghetti Comes with the most tender meatballs. It is said that the meat is very soft. Not solid at all. They also secretly told me that you can ask for more spiciness of the sauce.
Black-ink with Thai Anchovies
Yes, you read it wrong, this is it. “Black pasta with salted fish” with a special technique to bring out the spiciness and smell of salted fish. This makes this dish a very good salted fish. Both the smell is not strong. and the mellow taste of fish from the pickling technique It definitely makes the taste that is deeper than every dish you’ve eaten. Because the chef wants to combine local ingredients with food that everyone has access to. in a familiar taste
Alfredo Chicken Cream Sauce
Baked Chicken Cream Som Pasta The highlight of this dish is that the chicken is juicy and crispy skin, which is not easy but not too difficult for us to do. Served with Alfredo, a white cream sauce. With Parmesan cheese, butter, flour and cream as the main ingredients, unlike Carbonara sauce, Alfredo has no egg yolks. The sauce is creamy and white. It has a sweet, aromatic flavor, adding a touch of Penne. Nee) and cucumber A dish that is easy to eat that is liked by many people.
Beef fillet Spaghetti
new experience of eating
Continuing the flavor from the popular menu, Beef Fried Rice Introducing a new eating design, Beef fillet Spaghetti, full of juicy, Juicy texture that goes well with the cream cheese that the chef chooses. Add the creamy from the egg yolks to the aroma of the charcoal grilled meat. This is a new experience for meat lovers that you must try.
Prawn linguine
Prawn linguine delights Pastas lover with firm shrimp in a special rich tomato sauce that the chef has adapted from the restaurant’s main sauce. add spiciness with shrimp pasta stir fried with chili garlic and tomato sauce Add a touch of fragrant fried garlic. Prove it yourself today

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